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    Who We Are ?

    Platomar is a Better Thinking enterprise (part of Better Thought Solutions LLP). thriving to bring the best of technology, in the competitive business environment to simplify complex, traditional form of outdoor marketing and advertising strategies, technologies and processes.
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    Targeted Out of Home(OOH) Advertising

    Mapped Locations
    SEC Consumer Segmentation
    Daily Accurate Customer Eyeballs
    Maximum Brand Visibility


Pop Your Advertising Campaign

25+ Localities across Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida

We are constantly increasing our presence in multiple cities, identifying unique points for advertisements.

2500+ Points of Presence (PoPs)

An established network of PoPs, ranging from Tea Stalls, Kirana Stores, etc to display your advertisements.

1.4 Million Ad Views per Day

A Unique and measureable insight to your outdoor advertisement campaign, with assure target customers for your brand or product promotion.

Popular Categories


Visual Triggers

Imprints Memories
Invoke Emotions
Repeat Views


More ad viewing time
Handheld by Customers
Direct Reach based on Market Segmentation

Our Tools


Marketing Tool/Calculator

Is deciding how much to invest on your business, website and advertising a bit difficult? Also, your marketing budget for the next year will have to be planned for allowing your business to grow without any hindrance. Even though conscientious decisions are taken, but how do you know whether those decisions are right or wrong?

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Digital Marketing Tool

Do you know what your digital marketing budget entails? Well, if you are unsure, then we can help you figure out what will best suit your business needs. As a competent advertisement agency in Delhi, we do understand that every company is different and has different needs. So here’s a simple tool to help you plan your digital marketing budget.

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Media Selection Tool

Since digital and social media landscape is constantly evolving in the manner consumers use media and gain product knowledge – choosing the right media industry for your business advertising becomes very crucial. So here we are to make things easier for you !

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Distribution Ad Campaign (DAC) Monitoring Tool

Platomar’s DAC Monitoring Tool helps tracking the distribution campaign for any media type. Thus, empowering advertisers to get actionable metrics from business outdoor advertising campaign, check efficacy, compare outcomes and take decisions to optimize the campaign for getting fruitful results at the most competitive rates possible.

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